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Spoken Words

Last week, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 4Extra were kind enough to broadcast five stories of mine, all produced by the wonderful team at Sweet Talk Productions. I've just managed to catch up with them and I'm thrilled.

The first, on Radio 4, was part of the excellent Nights of the Hunter series, and can be listened to on BBC iplayer, here, for a few more days yet. It's called Crow Road and it's quite a personal story - one of my favourites.

This was followed by four stories from Clown's Shoes going out on 4Extra. These too can be heard on the iplayer for a little while longer, here. The chosen stories were Bullet Catch, The Glove Maker's Numbers, Matchstick Girls and the title story, Clown's Shoes, and it was really interesting to hear how the actors treated them. It is both distancing and enlightening to hear your words in someone else's voice. It highlights traits in rhythm, in vocabulary, but it also helps me see the story as a more coherent whole, rather than a mishmash of the linguistic and structural decisions I made.

I particularly loved hearing Matchstick Girls - a story which I now think works better on radio than it does on the page - and Bullet Catch. What amazing voices. What a lovely experience.

Have a listen and tell me what you think.

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