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Clown's Shoes


In a small Welsh town, a young Korean immigrant tells her fears and her secrets to the sway of the sea.


Yearning for fame, magician Victor Dahl dices with death as he attempts the legendary Bullet Catch.


In sad, wet London, a neglected girl prostitutes herself to feed her family whilst her mother mourns her childhood stardom and drinks herself ill.


At the dog track, hidden amongst the rowdy punters, an unusual woman reflects on life and death and makes a big decision.


Whilst onstage, somewhere ago, a desperate mother performs a nightly striptease.


These are the people who populate Clown’s Shoes.  They are lonely, they are frightened, and most of all they are full of hope. 




Including PEN International prize-winning Moon Dog and

The Sunday Times EFG shortlisted The Glove Maker's Numbers


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