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  • Rebecca F. John

'The Dog Track' on BBC Radio 4

In June 2013, my short story ‘The Dog Track’ was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as part of The Time Being, series 6. It was produced by the very lovely Jeremy Osborne at Sweet Talk Productions and read beautifully by Rakie Ayola. On the 5th October this year, it was repeated and is now available on BBC iplayer for a limited time. You can listen to it, and the other stories in the series, here.

It was a new experience to hear my writing read by an actor, and an exciting one. Rakie did the story more justice than I ever could have and I was thrilled to find, on listening, that I felt quite removed from the character I had created.

‘The Dog Track’ is included in my forthcoming collection, Clown’s Shoes.

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