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A Writer's Fuel...

A writer friend spoke to me recently of the 'fuel' we need, to maintain our creative output. It's an interesting thought, isn't it? Most writers, I imagine, love to write more than almost anything. That's true for me, at least: I'll be at one of my other jobs or running an errand, and I'll almost physically crave sitting at my computer and word juggling. As with any other job, though, the burnout comes fast. The fuel soon runs low. And when my friend mentioned that word, I started to consider what my fuel is...

On a bad day, it's chocolate unfortunately. On a good day, though, it's getting outside with my dog and appreciating the dry days this wet little country offers, or having dinner with friends, or, on very lucky weeks, sneaking away for skiing holidays. Last week, a trip to Alpe D'huez was my fuel. And very beautiful it was too.

Now, back to Henry Twist. I can't wait to see this novel in print next year!

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