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Fannie - A Novella

I have long been a huge Les Miserables (the musical) fan. As a child, I had the 10th anniversary concert on video and played it until the tape distorted. I have been to see it on the West End a number of times. I fall in love with Jean Valjean over and over. And sing the songs while I cook and shower and clean (to my boyfriend's delight, I'm sure). But there is one character's story which has always troubled me - Fantine's. I felt I wanted more from and for her. As such, I found myself reimagining her story, and, for fun, I wrote those imaginings down. The last few years have been busy - writing novels, working as an editor, moving house - and since I haven't had the opportunity to share my writing for a while, I thought I might share those imaginings here. So, for fans of Les Miserables or for fans of historical fiction or for fans of both, here is a novella which tells my version of Fantine's story. Just hers. Please do download it if you'd like to take a read. I've titled it 'Fannie'.

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